Custom Fabrication

Fabrication Shop Capabilites

Focusing on industrial and commercial air filtration solutions, Air Cleaning Technology has a fabrication facility capable of fabricating any metal up to 1.25” thick. With the latest technology in fabrication equipment and a well trained staff our shops are capable of quality and close tolerance fabrication work. From Fabrication of Blow Pipe, Hoppers, Catwalks, Conveyors, Structural Steel, Airlocks, Bin Vents, Diverter Valves, Slide Gates to Custom Automobile and Truck Parts, you can always count on competitive pricing and quality assurance.

Our Fabrication Shop inventories, Galvanized Sheets, Galvalume Sheets, Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Sheets, Steel Plates, Flat Bars, Round Bars, Angle Iron, Square and Round Tubing, Structural Steel Members, Angle Iron Rings, many other items for sale to the public.

CNC Metal Cutting

Air Cleaning Technology is set up with 2 CNC plasma cutting tables. We have the capabilities to cut sheets of steel up to 1-1/2" thick plate. These cuts can range anywhere from small tabs up to very large decorative works of art. These plasma's are capable of very clean cuts and can make cuts for show pieces, as well as functional items. If you have something that you would like custom designed and cut don't fret, we are more than capable to handle this, between our design group and our cutting machines we can make your dream pieces come to life! 

CAD and Estimating Department

Air Cleaning Technology provides full service CAD from single components to complex designs. Our CAD departments are capable of visiting the plant site and evaluate our customer needs. From small to large Dust/Fume collection systems to Structural Steel, Platforms, Ladders, or just a simple Hopper design, this department is capable of any designing needs.

Installation and Repair Services

Air Cleaning Technology has a very well trained and qualified installation group that is capable of installing complete Dust Collection Systems, Catwalks, Conveyors, Structural Steel, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Equipment, and also complete plant maintenance contracts. Our expert technicians are capable of rebuilding and or repairing at our customers site or bring the item/s to our shop.

Top-Quality Industrial and Commercial Air Filtration Solutions

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